Meditation Preparations

Before diving into the meditation practice, it is very important to prepare our body, mind and spirit. This type of meditation is potent and can bring on intense experiences. Preparing for the journey will help you to get the most out of the experience. It is akin to reading a map before hiking deep in the wilderness.

Preparing the Mind

Show up mentally. This ancient meditation practice requires active participation throughout the process. The more engaged you are in the work, the more profound the results will be.

Try to avoid negative conversations and thoughts. Be aware of what you let into your mind. It is good to avoid violent images on TV and movies.

Set your Intention. Intentions link to the results. When you know what you are looking for, what you want to learn, discover, release or create, we then recognize the signs, feedback and insights in the process. Intentions give us purpose and direction, which is very important for intense meditations. Intentions can be our anchor throughout the whole experience. By setting our intentions, we acknowledge the role of personal responsibility and the role of a much greater intelligence that is always guiding us. Once we set our intention, we can deepen the conversation with our soul by contemplating on it.

Prepare to leave your comfort zone. That is the place where you will build strength and inner stability. Welcome challenges and embrace hardships.

Preparing the Body

An extremely important aspect of preparing for this meditation is temporary diet and lifestyle adjustments. A focused, simple and clean eating dietary outline will be sent to you upon successful registration. Following the dietary guidelines will help ensure you get the most out of your time meditating. Adjusting your food and drink intake leading up to the meditation can help to make the process more gentle. Mild exercise and yoga or stretching will also greatly improve the quality of your meditations.

Preparing the Soul

Spend time in silence and in nature. Try to raise your vibration by showing appreciation to life, and to all the challenges. Allow yourself to speak with and connect to nature.

Connect with yourself. Spend some time practicing breathwork. During the meditations, bringing awareness to your breath can be a powerful grounding tool that can profoundly impact your journey. Practicing meditation prior to the event may also help to enhance the experience.

Know that everyone has their own experiences and they can be very different. Show up to whatever experience comes up for you. Be ready to have authentic conversations with your own soul. Be ready to see the truth, to listen and receive the messages. Be ready to roll with the waves and open up to forgiveness, love and compassion.

Post Event Prep

Getting your home ready:

  • Make sure your kitchen is stocked with nutritious food.

  • Keep the place uplifted and clean.

  • Find a good and nourishing book to stimulate your mind.

  • Create a playlist of soothing and relaxing music.

  • If possible, take a few days off work to allow yourself to rest and integrate.

  • If you have a live-in partner or family, let them know that you may need space and quiet time after the experience.

After the journey, take time to stay inward. Do not rush to interpret or make sense of the experience. Let yourself sit with it. The processing phase can last several months. Prepare a journal to write down inspirations and insights. You may also book a session with an integration facilitator to guide you through the integration process.