Yoga of Energy and Awareness

What is this yoga?

KUNDALINI is primordial creative energy.
It is the spark of every creative conception and is contained in every form.

TANTRA refers to the merging point of spirit and form.

KUNDALINI TANTRA YOGA is a practice that
Embodies Awareness & Awakens Kundalini Energy

What is the Benefit?

Awakened Embodiment and Flow

Relaxed Body | Clear Mind | Whole Self Expression


KTY strengthens and flushes the nervous system and balances the glandular system. Focus on pranayama optimizes breath chemistry improving overall health and vitality. Emphasis on spinal activation fuels mobility, energy and clarity.


Mind runs the breath. Breath runs the body. Body expresses the life. As energy and awareness circulate the pathways, mind, breath and body harmonize. With every flush of conscious energy, programming is refined toward clarity and peace.


KTY opens energy pathways, unifies polarity, resolves inner conflict and brings one into pure neutral witness. Consciously respond rather than react. Edit your auto-pilot conditioning on the fly. Live stream your true self.

Choose Your Experience

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Online Immersion

  • 14 Classes Online
  • Email Support
  • Chakra Awareness / Activation
  • Evolve Cellular Programs
  • Education and Practice
  • 24hr Recording of Sessions
  • Check Events for Dates

Live Immersion

  • 14 Classes In-Person
  • Amplified Group Energy
  • Chakra Awareness / Activation
  • Evolve Cellular Programs
  • Education and Practice
  • In Person Experience
  • Check Events for Dates

Upcoming Events

What's Being Said?

I was amazed at how quickly my body became flexible. The breathwork increased my lung capacity. I feel energized and ten years younger!

Molly W.

I have taken other yoga teacher trainings and honestly nothing compares. Angela is connected at all times and supports each individual uniquely within the group.

Arlene L.

I feel like a smile cannot leave my face when I practice with the tools Angela gave me.

Meghan E.

When Angela shows up in your community, get ready. She will bring in the high frequency from around the world so that your community becomes cohesive and works in unity.

Joan K.

Every soul Angela meets, touches or trains evolves, transforms and vibrates like never before.

Debbie P.

Kundalini Yoga is my medicine. It saved my life.

Karen L.

``Awakening Kundalini is the prime purpose
of human incarnation.``

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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