Integration is the process of becoming whole, realizing and assimilating the meditation lessons into daily life. It is an open ended journey, one which can create huge transformation and continues well beyond the ceremony.

Integration: Assisted Self-Mastery

After a meditation ceremony, it is common to realize there are aspects of ourselves we have forgotten. There are also parts of us that are not in alignment with our authentic self. You may find that you no longer relate to your life in the way you did before. It can become abundantly clear that adjustments need to be made. Your job, relationships, addictions, diet, and beliefs are common to shift and making these changes can feel overwhelming.

Life experiences and events such as upbringing, socialization and trauma cause us to develop belief systems, personalities and deep wounds that may not represent our truest selves. Integration is bringing awareness to these developed parts of our stories and reclaiming who you truly are.

There is also a natural clearing process that takes place after a ceremony, one which can have you dealing with feelings of anger, fear, guilt, shame, and sadness all of which can be heavy to manage. Over time these emotions subside if you honor the space in which they need to be felt.

Integrating the lessons of the meditation into your daily life can awaken you to a different reality and may lead to resolution of physical or psychological conditions. An integration facilitator can be immensely helpful in guiding you through processing this shift in a safe and manageable way. To request an integration session, please complete the form below.

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