Advanced Body Ascension Breath Training

It's all about the Breath.

Breath reveals the state we are in and it creates it.
Conscious breathing allows you to intentionally improve your reality.


Whole Systems Approach

Learn breath mechanics and chemistry.
Practice everyday optimal breathing.
Explore prana activation, breath retention and energy direction.
Open creative pathways through FLOWBREATH Activation.

Learn About Breath

Breath is the bridge between spirit and body. Learn how it circulates life force, regulates body function and interfaces all parts of self.

Explore Breath Patterns

Employ breath mechanics to optimize body chemistry and pranic flows. Learn to breathe consciously and optimally.

Open Energy Flows

FLOWBREATH Activation teaches you to pin your awareness in the breath to lovingly and precisely open to your natural creative flow.

Choose Your Experience

Check events page for upcoming group and facilitator training opportunities.

Private Breath

  • One on One Session
  • Customized Teaching
  • Targeted Activation
  • Deep Release
  • Energy Attunement
  • Post Practice Design
  • In Person or Online

Group Breath

  • Intimate Group Setting
  • Amplified Group Energy
  • Targeted Activation
  • Deep Release
  • Energy Attunement
  • In Person Experience
  • Check Events for Dates

Upcoming Trainings

What's Being Said?

It’s like I’m back. Every cell in my body is dancing!

Lorinne B.

My life changed in 5 days in Angela’s Breathwork Facilitator Training.

Rebekah H.

The Breath found every cell and opening in my body and left me with the sweetest feeling of laughter, compassion and deep love for myself.

Jackie W.

WOW! What an awesome experience! Angela creates such a safe and magical space. The “experience” IS the education and is utter perfection!

Wanda P.

I’m always in awe of the knowledge that flows so easily, clearly and precisely from Angela. She is an exceptional teacher creating safe circles for all to dive deep.

Tanya P.

Angela’s Breathwork Facilitator Training was flawless.

Dr. Bryan L.

It all comes back to breath!

Relax | Cleanse | Release | Activate | Flow

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