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Breath is the connection between (BIG I) spirit and (little i) body.

The ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide inspires a conversation and a dance between them.

Learning to breathe properly, effectively and intentionally allows you to pass the talking stick between them and determine who leads.

Breath both reveals the state you are in and it creates it.

Enjoy this foundational training in breath and pranayama practice. Nothing is more important than learning to consciously breathe.

FLOWLENS Mentorship

Are you stuck in looping patterns that create stress and suffering? Are you ready to shift them?

Are you in a good place in your life and want to exponentially elevate your experience?

This is the training for you!

Open a dialogue between (BIG I) spirit and (little i) body. Develop non-judgment, compassion and love for self. Improve auto-pilot reaction programming. Heal trauma based dysfunctional programming. Re-pattern beliefs. Expand and lengthen breath to balance chemistry. Relax your body. Clarify and focus your mind. Connect to infinite energy and limitless potential. Live stream a beautiful life.

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