Planting Seeds of Blessing

Mrs. Malkie Rivkin, shlucha to New Orleans, Louisiana reflects on the blessing of children and what has inspired her over the years.

Live: Siyum Broadcast for the Nine Days

Join Live at 10:30 PM ET: In accordance with the Rebbe’s directive to have siyumim from Rosh Chodesh until Tu B’Av, will bring you a live daily siyum each day for the next fifteen days.

Twenty Years Later, He Explained the Reason

Motzei Shabbos Story: Reb Shlomo Rafaels was one of Sventiany’s oldest residents. For decades he staunchly opposed the Chassidic movement before abruptly stopping his involvement in the fight. It took 30 year, and a visit from the Alter Rebbe, to find out the reason.

IDF Soldier Completes Rambam While in the Army

A touching scene took place on an IDF base this past week, when a soldier marked the completion of all 1,000 perokim of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah, after having studied for three years.

Shawarma and Pizza for YSP Campers

YSP campers who participated in Tanya Baal Peh on Shabbos were treated to two special events; A pizzeria event last week, and a shwarma event this week, right before the nine days began.

Shluchim Accompany Ambassador for Ohel Visit

At a visit to the Ohel today, Ambassador David Friedman heard a firsthand account from Rabbi Levi Banon Shliach to Casablanca, Morocco, how Shluchim around the world are dealing with the global pandemic.

To Own a Home

A Moment with the Rebbe: Reb Mottel Shusterman related that the Rebbe encouraged him to buy a house even though he said he didn’t have the means. “Others, worse off than you, have managed to buy,” the Rebbe cajoled him.

Rebbe’s Warning Quoted from Knesset Podium

Deputy Education Minister Meir Porush addressed the Knesset on Wednesday, stressing the danger inherent in Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ in light of the Rebbe’s sharp words on so-called ‘peace plans.’

Watch: More Divrei Torah for Kids, by Kids

Rabbi Yekusiel Goldstein is encouraging children to watch and give over divrei Torah, via a video broadcast of boys and girls sharing a thought on the parsha. Have your own child feature too!

The Only Yeshiva Open to International Students

With the approval of the French Government, the Brunoy Yeshiva opened for both local and international students. 350 bochurim spent the summer in the Alps, where they continued their learning with extra energy.

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