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Hi! I’m Angela.

I’m a couples counsellor for your spirit and body.  I call them BIG I and little i.

Through the FLOWLENS, I guide BIG I and little i to establish communication, resolve differences and fall madly in love.

Then your passion ignites, your potential inspires you and you merge into one flowing expression of limitless creativity. You FLOW!

Before FLOW there is STRESS, Stress drives us to want a better life but it also holds us in its gravitational looping patterns. That’s where I come in.

Whether you want to learn on your own, in a group, or privately with me, the FLOWLENS is accessible to everyone and provides a path to make significant and lasting life improvements.

My Story

I’ve spent my whole life learning to be comfortable in my own skin and to trust in the flow of life. In 2007, I sold my possessions, left a 6-figure job and began exploring the planet and the subject of being human.

I’ve travelled extensively to study and experience everything from physics to energy anatomy, kundalini activation to breathwork, plant medicine to sexual healing, meditation to yoga and more.

By 2010, I began sharing what I was learning and have now developed a thriving global coaching practice that specializes in FLOW Mentorship and Facilitator Level Training in Kundalini Tantra Yoga and Body Ascension Breath, now known as FLOWBREATH.

I love to gather in circles for intensive transformation. People feel safe to show up as they are because I hold courageous, sacred and neutral space.

The most common comment at the end of a workshop is:

“Absolutely life changing!”

I’m as much of a student as I am a teacher. I believe all knowledge is a lens through which we create our lives. It is the experience our lens gives us that is important, not the lens itself.

There is only one true teacher in the entire universe and that teacher resides within you. My dharma is to lead you to you.

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