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Journey Inward

This deep and reflective meditation is designed to expand your mind and heighten your self-awareness. You will be guided on a transformative journey using ancient shamanic principles to aid in a powerful exploration of your body, mind and soul. Journey inward to discover what it is that you need - whether that is gaining clarity, making a life altering decision, reducing stress or connecting with spirit.

The events are hosted in small groups in order to maximize the quality of the experience. Each night will be spent in a comfortable space with like-minded individuals carefully selected for participation.

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Mindful Creature Comforts


The meditations are held in the evening and typically end in the early hours of the morning. The length and reflective nature of the ceremony can take considerable mental and physical resources, therefore it is highly recommended you stay overnight at the venue. You are welcome to sleep in the common room where the meditation will be held for no additional cost. Private and shared rooms are available for a small fee on a first come first serve basis.

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Soul Food

Mindful Meals

Light plant based meals and drinks are included and will be available throughout the day. The menu will be catered to complement and enhance the meditation experience.

The Process


Essential information to maximize your experience.

Meditation Ceremony

How it Works & What to Expect


Post Meditation Information & Support

“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.”


-Alan Watts

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