Precision Flow Training


Feel, perform and live your best!

What is Flow?

Spirit and body integrating into one whole self.
Time and ego melting into passionate focus.
Dreams grounding into tangible reality.

Feel, perform and live your best!

Recognize stress is a catalyst.
Understand how you function and create.
Learn to breathe, relax and focus.
Practice FLOWLENS Techniques.


The Optimal Pathway to Flow.

Tested teachings answer questions like, “Who am I?” “How do I operate and evolve?”
FLOWLENS provides frameworks and practices to guide you to your best life!

Where do I begin?

Dipping your toe?

Book a Flow Session
Not sure if flow is right for you? Need more information? Get to know me and the FLOWLENS through a Flow Session .

Flow Sessions

Ready to dive in?

Start Flow Mentorship
3 training tracks offer accessibility. Learn, practice and evolve. Choose Self-Driven, Group or Private. Make immediate improvements.


Information only?

Explore the Website
Have a look around, read blogs, explore the shop and sign up for newsletter. Feel free to leave me a note with any questions.


Who Is Angela?

I’m an intrepid explorer of human evolution.

We are alive in the moment of the greatest opportunity in human evolution. All the conditions are ripe for us to transition from stress into flow; conflict into peace; and suffering into flourishing.

FLOW is the key!

Understanding how we function and create enables us to consciously enter the loops of our conditioning and improve them. This is doable and timely.

Welcome to the most relevant conversation of our time!

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